Daniël Bos / 远洋

principle engineer

Personal Info

Professional Profile

I am a professional Software Engineer, with a rich background in both (web) backend development and low-end mobile platform development. Over the years I have consistently received great to excellent performance reviews.

I believe in continuous self-improvement, and spend much of my free time on study and various research projects. Furthermore, I'm active on various open-source and emerging technologies mailinglists.

My greatest professional skills are problem solving, finding creative solutions and a strong drive for simple, elegant and clean code.

Work Experience

2014 - Present

Principle Engineer

Microsoft Devices Group, Full-Time

While employed at Microsoft Devices Group, I continued to lead Java UI development for Asha smartphones. Most notably we managed to port the new full-touch Asha OS to a premium ITUT form-factor well within schedule.

Shortly before transitioning to Microsoft, I was promoted to be the domain owner of Java UI and various other Java APIs. In that capacity I review and sign off each code change. This includes doing code reviews, API design, architecture reviews and feature-merge reviews.

Besides Java UI for Asha, I've worked on the highly successful AOSP (Android) based Nokia X series of devices, organized various internal Java related courses and trained the team in the use of modern test-driven development and refactoring practices.

2012 - 2014

Principle Engineer

Nokia Mobile Phones, Full-Time

As the Principle Engineer in Java Platform software for the Asha smartphone product line I lead a team of highly skilled professionals that develop and support all UI related areas of the Java platform.

Besides these responsibilities I review code commits for the entire Java area and coordinate with teams globally.

I have received consistent great to excellent performance reviews, including honors for my contributions on the before-schedule release of the Asha 501 in early 2013.

2008 - 2011

Senior Engineer, Tech Lead

Indenty, Full-Time

Indenty is a company that provides standard tools and systems on the international market, for detailed analysis of websites & link-graphs and for management of Search Marketing campaigns (both optimization and advertising) via a large network of partners. At Indenty I:

  • Set up the Research & Development department and managed the team on a day-to-day basis;
  • Trained and supported the software engineers;
  • Instituted an Agile work process, which helped reducing the time-to-market;
  • Budgetted and kept track of departmental income and expense;
  • Implemented standard Issue Tracking, Continuous Integration, Build and Dependency Management systems, thereby increasing transparancy and communication.

Besides more technical accomplishments, such as:

  • Designing and implementing a web-scale analysis system, which has become one of the core money-making platforms;
  • Researching and implementating various algorithms to distill new and actionable information from data that was already being collected;
  • Developing systems to generate and deploy optimized websites for thousands of customers, by which we could service more customers with fewer people.

At Indenty we believe that to support rapid innovation employees should have the freedom to carve out their own job description. In the years I have worked with Daniël Bos, I have seen him grow as a Senior Software Engineer, taking over more and more responsibilities as a Tech Lead. Some of these include the profesionalization of the Research & Development department, getting the entire team onboard to follow an Agile development process, organizing training and certification sessions and helping prove the profitability of the department.

Daniël is highly respected by his co-workers for his willingness to help anyone anytime he can. He is a creative thinker, always challenging the organization with new solutions to problems and ideas for new products and services. He is very well organized, diligent, easily reachable, always on time and takes initiatives that go beyond the parameters of his job. Marcel Brandriet, CEO, Innovadis Group

This letter is my personal recommendation for Daniël Bos. I have been Daniël's immediate supervisor for several years, first at Gladior and later at Indenty. Demonstrating great skill and a strong dedication, he has moved quickly from Medior level Engineer to Senior Engineer at Gladior. When Indenty was founded, I entrusted him with the responsibility of setting up the Research and Development department and the day-to-day management as a Tech Lead.

In his role as a Tech Lead he has researched various development processes and adapted the Scrum proces to our needs. Besides the development process, he has managed to standardize the programming languages, the build system, the testing procedures and the frameworks that are used, which has resulted in much more confidence in the software that is being developed.

Daniël leads by example and many people here find his enthusiasm and dedication both inspiring and motivating. He has managed to create strong cohesion within his department by encouraging his co-workers to take responsibily for their projects and promoting an environment of sharing information and helping each other out. His efforts have created a happier and more productive team. Tom Visser, CEO, Indenty


Software Engineer

Innovadis, Part-Time

Innovadis BV is a company that designs, develops and implements webshops, corporate websites and other internet solutions, mainly using the Microsoft .NET stack.

During my employment at Indenty BV, I briefly did some contracting work at Innovadis BV, to relief their rapid growth. I worked on projects such as:

  • Development of corporate websites;
  • Development of a self-service web portal for a healthcare provider, allowing third-parties to offer services and patients to acquire and schedule these services;
  • Development of a highly available back-end for a distributed embedded system, used by various local governments.
2005 - 2007

Software Engineer

Gladior, Full-Time

Gladior is one of the founders of Search Marketing in The Netherlands. They provide both optimization and advertising solutions to a wide range of customers. Some of my tasks here included:

  • Implementation of optimization solutions in customers websites;
  • Supporting and maintaining the various back-end systems (both on FreeBSD and Windows);

And accomplished the:

  • Implementation of, and migration to, a new CRM system, greatly improving the workflow for Sales and Marketing;
  • Selection and deployment of new accounting software;
  • Development of bridging software between CRM, accounting, sales and back-end systems, which resulted in up-to-date information for all employees.

Daniël is a well respected software engineer, researcher and Tech lead. I worked with him at Gladior and Indenty. In both companies his skills were highly appreciated among colleagues and helped us to become one of the leaders in search engine marketing in the Dutch market. He did a great job in linking our CRM, accounting and back-end systems. Besides that Daniël is a great person to work with who always brings interesting insides into a discussion! Peter Schinkel, Founder and owner, Gladior

2004 - 2006

Lead Developer, Software Architect

Huismakelaars, Full-Time

Huismakelaars is a web start-up that provides its customers with options to independently sell or buy real-estate, both nationally and internationally. As the lead developer, I:

  • Designed the architecture of the system, from high level down to software and database architecture;
  • Developed the corporate and consumer websites, working with a designer on the graphics and interactions;
  • Developed various APIs and connectors for real-estate agencies, which enabled the company to tap into new revenue streams;
  • Developed a payment system directly linked into the main banks, resulting in an increase of paying customers;
  • Developed algorithms for assisting consumers in searching the offerings;
  • Developed supporting systems used by administrators and help-desk personnel, greatly reducing the management costs of the system.

Professional Courses


Leadership and Management

A Leadership and Management course specifically geared towards developers who want to achieve more. Topics:

Role modeling; Ownership; Communication; Active listening; Giving credit; Questions; Sharing knowledge; Expectations; Meetings; Motivating; Assertiveness; Vision; Rewarding and Feedback; Decision making; Scheduling; Hiring and Firing.

Elixir crash-course

Elixir combines the best of Ruby (an easy to read syntax) with the best of Erlang (low-cost parallel, scalable, distributed, hot-swappable code) Topics:

Immutability; Functional programming; Pattern matching; Concurrency; Macros; Modules; Protocols; Agents; Events; Supervisor-chains; Dependency management; Pipelines; Distributed tasks.

Developer to Architect

An Architect training for Senior Developers, covering topics such as:

Types of Architects; Non-Technical duties; Technical duties; Why do we need Architects; Project Life Cycle; Software Architecture; Architecture Design approaches; Communicating the Architecture; Views of the Architecture.

Modern C++11

This follow-up course to the Advanced C++ course covered the following topics:

Auto types; Lambdas and capturing; decltype and declval; Variadic templates; constexpr; Range-based loops; Uniform initialization; Cross-Platform C++.

C++ Boost Library

This introductory course covered various popular packages within the Boost library, including:

Optional; ProgramOptions; Any; Signals2; FileSystem; Bimap; Units.

Android Security

This intensive hands-on training covered the following topics:

Secure coding; Linux kernel; Android security; Application security; Cryptography; Reverse engineering; SQL Injection, XSS, Overflows; ASLR, XN, RELRO; Improper use of security.

Haskell Fundamentals

An introduction level course into Haskell, covering:

Data types; Higher order functions; Type classes; I/O; Modules and Packages; Standard Collections; Monads; Libaries.

Advanced C++

This intensive, hands-on course covered many of the advanced C++ language features including:

Templates; Smart Pointers; Shared Objects; Lambdas; Standard Containers; Standard Algorithms; Move Semantics; PImpl pattern; Exceptions.

Introduction to Docker

A short history of Docker, installation, configuration, repositories and creating Docker applications.


Cryptography for Java

This course covers the fundamental mathematics and algorithms used in cryptography, including:

Block Ciphers; DES/AES; PKI and Signatures; RSA Algorithms; Elliptic Curve; TLS/SSL; Authentication and Authorization; PBKDF; Kerberos, WS-Trust, OAuth, OpenID; PGP, Bitcoin, Untrusted Networks; Java Cryptography Extensions; Bouncy Castle.

Machine Learning

Stanford University, Online Course


Database Theory

Stanford University, Online Course


Mandarin Chinese Language Course

Communication University of China, Beijing, China (中国传媒大学)


2002 - 2004

Twente University

Philosophy of Science, Technology and Society

To broaden my horizon I decided to study Philosophy of Science, Technology and Society, at one of the foremost Research Universities in The Netherlands. There I studied subjects such as:

  • Classic Philosophy;
  • Logic;
  • Ethics;
  • Academic Writing;
  • History of Science.

But more importantly, I learned to

  • Decompose problems;
  • Construct sound arguments;
  • Find multiple angles to approach situations.
1999 - 2002

Saxion University

Bachelor of Science, Computer Engineering & Embedded Systems

Thanks to my sound background, I was able to complete the four year bachelor program within three years. I studied subjects such as:

  • Software architecture, design and algorithms;
  • Software processes (such as Waterfall and RUP);
  • Object oriented programming (Java and C++);
  • Web development (PHP);
  • Database design and management;
  • Robotics and Embedded systems.

As my graduation project I designed and build, with two fellow students, a computer operated telephony switching system, including functionality for dial-plans, voice-mail (retrievable via remote dial-in, via e-mail or via the internet), logging and billing per extension, automatic answering and voice menus, etc.

1995 - 1999

Technical College Ede

Computer Hardware, Software & Embedded Systems

Technisch College Ede is one of the foremost vocational education institutions in The Netherlands. Here I studied as an electrical engineer, with a focus on Computer Hardware and Embedded Systems. I studied subjects such as:

  • Procedural programming (Pascal, C, x86 Assembler);
  • Object Oriented programming (Pascal, C++);
  • Design of computer hardware;
  • Design of analog circuits.

As my graduation project I designed and implemented (both hardware and software) an ISA-card to monitor a phone-system for billing purposes, to be used in e.g. hotels.

During my study on the Technical High School I have spend a lot of time with Daniel Bos. We did our final assesment project together in 2000. Daniel does have a big interest in software programming, but also Hardware engineering is something he can handle very easy.

Daniel moved to Hengelo to go to Technical university. I always knew he would have a great career. Daniel absolutely needs challenges in his jobs, but when you give him the space to be creative, he can do the impossible.

Gert Bronkhorst, Senior R&D Engineer (Data Specialist) at Technetix